Replicating Tom Bearden's Scalar Wave Technology

According to Tom Bearden, a SCALAR WAVE (the Sin2 term) is defined as a Local Gravitational Wave


William Alek's Split-Flux Transformer (SFT) SCALAR WAVE Technology Test Bench.


I successfully replicated energy researcher Tom Bearden SCALAR WAVE Technology.


My US Patent (Click on image to download patent)


Electric Force vs Gravitational Force


Spacetime is a very rigid medium


Jack Sarfatti's analysis of the TicTac flight using a meta-material covering the surface of the TicTac.
Notice the use of Einstein's Gravitational Constant, which is a force in GR.


Replicating the Adamski Lifter (Work in Progress):


Scalar Wave Resonator Test Bench.


Law of the Squares - Time Forward, Time Reverse (Click on image to play movie trailer)


Tom Bearden analysis of Time Forward, Time Reverse wave functions produced by a 4-wave mixing process.


Typical Off-The-Shelf Transformer vs. the PCM Resonator. Operating theory of the PCM Resonator.


Nikola Tesla used opposing flux action in his wireless power transformation system.


This diagram the SCALAR WAVE Phenomenon in Electric Circuits.


I discovered a SCALAR WAVE Term in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory.


SFT with NO LOAD Resistor, 8 Vrms AC Input Voltage, Different Load Capacitors.


Tom Bearden Psychotronics Lecture on FREE Energy & Anti-Gravity. Click on image to start video.


Tom Bearden's Obituary.

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