Breakthrough - Bedini's
Brilliant Formation Of Negative
Resistors In Batteries
From John Bedini <>

Here is the reason why Thomas Bearden has written the following paper; It's because I helped a little 10 year old girl to win every science award in Coeur d' Alene...all First Places plus a Special Award in science with one of my motors.
The motor ran for 4 days...without stopping at 4000RPM. It also ran a generator producing power the entire time.
The science teachers went NUTS over this demonstration and wanted to know how it worked. I then put the plans for it out on Keelynet and gave the thing away freely. So far, the comments are good; some have already produced the free energy and have the Motor running...but then there are always the others who say it can't work. (You can't win them all.)
Here is the little movie I sent to Keelynet. It's great to see we may get free energy yet.
Download MPEG movie here
(Note - Tom Bearden's letter explaining John's brilliant creation follows. John's fairly recent interview with Jeff can be heard via our Program Archives -ed)
John _____ on Bedinis' Negative Resistance Effect - 04-09-00.htm


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