Tesla Tech 2006
Held in Salt Lake City, Utah
July 27-30, 2006

UPDATED: August 13, 2006


Tesla Tech 2006, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Given at Tesla Tech


William presents a comprehensive look at an extraordinary process called Low Energy Nuclear Fusion occurring in Carbon Arc Spark Gaps. Low Energy Nuclear Fusion involves the transmutation of elements, and as a consequence of this reaction, excess electrical energy is released and captured. William covers experiments, experimental results showing overunity, history of the phenomenon, as well as what's to come with more research and development. A DVD of this unique lecture is available for purchase at Tesla Tech. The link is given above.

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William Alek is showing his equipment and literature regarding "The Ranch" project.

Tim Ventura of American Antigravity.

Ted Loder, Peter Lindemann, Vernon Roth, and Dan Davidson.

Tai Robinson discusses his Hydrogen fueled truck with Tim Ventura.

Hydrogen fuel tanks.

Hydrogen fuel tanks.

Tai's truck.

Tai explains to Tim what's under the hood.

Tim Ventura, Tai Robinson, Gary Voss, and Mike Waters.

William Alek's table display.

Vernon Roth's table display.

Tai's shows his literature and equipment.

A gathering of minds. Tim Ventura, Mike Waters, and Jeffery Hayes.

Display tables at Tesla Tech.

The Hampton Hotel.

Gary Voss and Tim Ventura at the Miller Conference Center.

Gary Voss and Tim Ventura.


Tim Ventura's Documentary

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